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Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process 

There are several reasons you may be looking to have your dryer vents cleaned. Most people call when they realize how much can accumulate in their vents, causing their dryer to work inefficiently. Even worse, this could present a risk to your home and family. At Crystal Clean Duct Service LLC, our team of experts is here to help. Today we are sharing what our duct cleaning process looks like so you know what to expect.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

1. Request an Appointment 

The process begins when a customer requests an appointment by phone or online. We offer a flat rate based on how many dryer and exhaust vents you would like cleaned.

2. Arrival Window Scheduled

The next step is to provide you with an arrival window for your dryer vent cleaning. One of our qualified associates will reach out to share this with you. They will also ask if you would prefer a call or text message for future communication. 

3. Assessment & Cleaning

On the day of the appointment, you will receive a notification via either a phone call or text (depending on what you chose) to let you know a technician is on the way. When the technician arrives, they will conduct an assessment, then make a plan, depending on your home and dryer location. 

The cleaning may take place inside, near the dryer, or outside the home, depending on the best way to clean your vents. Sometimes, the technician will clean from both inside and outside of the home. Either way, you can be confident knowing that certified technicians use air-driven tools to dislodge years of flammable debris from your dryer vent. 

4. Removal

Finally, you can put your mind at ease knowing your dryer vents are clear, and the removed debris is contained and then removed from the premises. 

Our team at Crystal Clean Duct Service LLC is ready to help you take care of all of your dryer vent and air duct cleaning needs today. We serve northern Virginia, including Fairfax County, and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free quote or call (571) 364-6588.


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