Dryer Vent Cleaning Installation & Repair

In addition to air duct cleaning, UV light air scrubbers, and professional dryer vent cleaning, we provide dryer vent installation and repairs. Call Crystal Clean Duct Service LLC today at (571) 364-6588 for more information or to get a free quote for your residence or commercial building. We serve Northern Virginia including Fairfax County and the surrounding areas.

Common Dryer Issues

If your dryer has stopped working, it may be a problem with your dryer vent. Our certified technicians can provide a full diagnostic inspection of the system to detect any problems, offer solutions, and make the dryer vent repairs. We want to ensure that the system operates with maximum efficiency and airflow. Some common issues include:

  • Leaks
  • Incorrect join connections
  • Improper vent materials

These deficiencies are good examples of why you should have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected. Unresolved issues may lead to complications such as dryer fires, carbon monoxide buildup, mold growth, and energy loss. Rest assured, we offer the necessary repairs.

Dryer Vent Repairs in Fairfax County VA
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Dryer Vent Repair Services

  • Replacing foil or vinyl vents with rigid metal venting materials.
  • Retaping joints with foil tape.
  • Replacing missing hangers.
  • Updating vents to meet code compliance.
  • Repairing breaks in line.
  • Removing screws.

We ensure that all our dryer vent repairs utilize materials that are compliant with the recommendations and requirements set forth by one or more of the following: current International Residential Code (IRC), Underwriters Laboratories, dryer manufacturers, Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Fire Protection Association, and/or the International Mechanical Code (IMC).

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Exhaust Vent Replacement, Rerouting & Installations

If your needs go beyond repairs of your current system, we can handle that as well.

  • We replace and reroute entire vent systems. For example, if your dryer vent or bathroom exhaust needs to be updated and replaced, during our inspection we’ll establish the most efficient route.
  • Remember, dryer vent systems must be routed to the outside of the home. We often find that in previous installations, the vent systems have been improperly terminated in attics, garages, crawl spaces, wall cavities, or other undesirable locations.
  • Improper vent placement can be a fire hazard, restrict airflow, reduce the efficiency of your dryer, and result in a breeding ground for mold and mildew in your home or business. Reconfigure your dryer vent system for the best function and results.

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Termination Covers & Pest Guards

Termination Cover Installation in Fairfax County VA

Unfortunately, birds love building nests in house vents. We recommend placing guards over the vents on your property. In addition, if the termination covers are old or failing, we can replace them with high-efficiency models.

Crystal Clean Duct Service LLC uses only the best materials and workmanship to ensure that our products will stand the test of time. You won’t find flimsy plastic cages or coverings in our inventory. Our covers are designed to protect your ductwork from pests, dirt, and other debris. For more information on our dryer vents, see our FAQ page.

Bird nest in vent Fairfax VA
Bird nest in vent Fairfax County VA
Bird nest removal from vent Fairfax VA
Bird nest removal from vent Fairfax County VA
White Defender Access+ Dryer Vent Guard
Beige Defender Access+ Dryer Vent Guard
Brown Defender Access+ Dryer Vent Guard


The Defender Access+ is your defense against squirrels and birds entering the dryer exhaust system. A drop-notch connection holds the front gate in the closed position and drops down to open for cleaning and maintenance. Vertical bars keep the lint flowing to the outside, helping to keep lint buildup to a minimum. There’s no need to unscrew and remove the Defender Access+ from the wall.

Available in white, tan and brown in two sizes, 6.5” wide and 8” wide. Installation is easy!

Product Features:

  • Vertical bars provide maximum airflow, minimizing lint buildup
  • Keeps birds and rodents out of your dryer exhaust system
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coated finish
  • Front gate opens easily – no tools needed
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Complements the home’s exterior
  • Hides unsightly vents
  • Available in white, tan and brown powder coated colors
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Material: 18 gauge zinc & powder coated steel hood / 10 gauge zinc & powder coated steel bars
  • Dimensions: 6.5” Model: 7.75” x 5.5” x 3.5” 8” Model: 8.5” x 6.0” x 5.0”
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs.
DryerFlex® Dryer Exhaust Duct
DryerFlex® Dryer Exhaust Duct Packaging
DryerFlex® Dryer Exhaust Duct Hose


DryerFlex® is a safe and effective airflow-efficient dryer exhaust duct, combining the ease of use and flexibility of wire bound foil flex hose with semi-rigid aluminum flex. DryerFlex retains a full 4" opening, whether compressed or stretched, maximizing airflow and eliminating lint buildup. DryerFlex gets its flexibility, strength and fire resistant properties from 5 layers of 25 micron 100% aluminum ribbon, attached over galvanized zinc coated wire. DryerFlex is UL2158A Listed, a requirement by building code and appliance manufacturers. With DryerFlex, connections are simplified, installations are easier and laundry areas are safer.

Available in lengths of 25’, 8’ and 4’. Kit includes two stainless steel DryerClamps.

Product Features:

  • An airflow efficient, superior performance dryer exhaust duct
  • Maintains its 4” diameter, regardless of stretching or compression
  • Flexible – won’t kink or crush
  • Provides maximum airflow efficiency
  • Eliminates lint buildup
  • Improves the dryer’s performance
  • Shortens drying times
  • Meets strict building code requirements for safely venting a dryer
  • UL2158A Listed


  • Material: 5 layers of 25 micron 100% aluminum ribbon, attached over galvanized zinc coated wire
  • Dimensions: 4’, 8’ and 25’ lengths, each with a 4” diameter
  • Weight: DFLX4 (4’ length) – .80 lbs. DFLX8 (8’ length) – 1.60 lbs. DFLX25 (25’ length) – 4.75 lbs.
White Low Profile Dryer Exhaust Wall Vent
Tan Low Profile Dryer Exhaust Wall Vent
Black Low Profile Dryer Exhaust Wall Vent
Brown Low Profile Dryer Exhaust Wall Vent


The DryerWallVent’s low profile complements the aesthetic beauty of any home. The large opening and angled damper provide maximum airflow efficiency to minimize lint buildup. Integrated magnets keep the damper closed when the dryer is not in use, keeping pests and elements on the outside. Easily accessible for cleaning tools and maintenance.

Coated with a corrosion-resistant powder coating, the DryerWallVent stands the test of time. Available in four standard powder coated colors, each with or without a collar: White, tan, brown and black. Custom colors to match any exterior are available. Proudly made in the USA from heavy 26 gauge Galvalume steel.

Product Features:

  • Stylish, rugged, efficient
  • Maximum airflow minimizes lint buildup
  • Heavy Gauge Galvalume® Steel Housing
  • Lightweight Gauge Galvalume® Damper
  • Angled damper and integrated magnets keep pests and the elements outside
  • Built-in drip edge
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coated finish
  • Complements the home’s exterior
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Available in powder coated colors: White, tan, brown and black
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Material: 26 gauge Galvalume® steel body with lighter gauge Galvalume® steel damper
  • Dimensions: Collar: 6.5” x 6.45” x 2.6” No Collar: 6.5” x 6.45” x 1.01”
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs.

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