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Air Duct Cleaning Process

If allergies or respiratory issues are making you miserable, Crystal Clean Duct Service LLC can help by improving the indoor air quality of your residence or commercial building. Since 1953 we’ve provided professional air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and UV light air scrubber services. Look for us in Northern Virginia including Fairfax County and the surrounding areas. Call (571) 364-6588 or request a free quote now. Wondering why you should clean your air ducts? Keep in mind that according to the National Institute of Health in a study published in PubMed, poor indoor air quality can cause a host of health problems including a worsening of allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, irritation to eyes, nose, and throat, and many others.

Air Duct Cleaning Services for Homes in Fairfax County Virginia

Source Removal Method of Cleaning

As members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, we follow their guidelines for our air duct cleaning services. The source removal method is the most effective way to clean air ducts and ventilation systems. We use the most powerful, advanced vacuums available to place the system under negative pressure. Unlike most of our competition, we can do this in two ways:

Portable HVAC cleaning equipment in Fairfax VA

For about 98% of our residential clients, we use a portable, powerful vacuum with HEPA filtration. It operates at 2500-5000 cfm, almost double the suction of most other portables. We combine that with air compressors and mechanical agitation tools to loosen dirt and contaminants in the HVAC system, which are then sucked out of the system.

Truck HVAC cleaning equipment in Fairfax VA

For very large houses and commercial buildings, we use our American Caddy Vac Truck, which has a mounted Quincy 325 compressor that produces suction at about 10,000 cfm of static pressure to put the system under negative pressure. We also use mechanical agitation tools to loosen dirt and suck it out at a rated pressure of 250 psi.

In both methods, we protect your floors, doorways, and outside wall corners with safety mats, plastic corner guards, and slip-on shoe covers for our techs. In addition, we vacuum and hand clean all registers and stack-boots. Upon your request, we provide before and after pictures of your ductwork taken with our duct camera. The final step is carting away the dust and debris from your home.

Before & After

AC Duct Cleaning in Fairfax County VA
HVAC Duct Cleaning in Fairfax County VA
Fairfax County VA Ductwork Cleaning

Our Portable Equipment

Portable Air Duct Cleaning Equipment in Fairfax VA
Fairfax VA Portable Air Duct Cleaning Equipment
High-Power Portable Air Duct Cleaning Equipment in Fairfax VA
Fairfax Virginia Portable Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

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Coil Cleaning

There are two types of coils: evaporator and condenser coils. You might think that your air conditioner “makes” cool air, but it’s more accurate to say that the air conditioner removes heat from existing air in your home. The evaporator coils are located within the inside portion of the AC unit and the condenser coils are located within outside portion of your AC unit. It’s important to keep the AC coils, both evaporator and condenser, clean so that heat can exchange efficiently through the coils without being blocked by dirt and debris. A dirty evaporator coil can block air flow causing your coil to not remove humidity and the heat from your house. Condenser coils use refrigerant to transfer heat from inside to the outside of your home. A dirty condenser coil can block heat from being removed and cause, high energy bills and premature system failure.

How we clean evaporator coils:

HVAC Evaporator Coil Cleaning Services in Fairfax VA
  • Turn off AC.
  • Remove door panels to access evaporator coil.
  • Start with using compressed air in the reverse direction of air flow.
  • If applicable, we then pull out the evaporator coil to reach underside of coil to clean and remove any lose debris with a coil brush and or vacuum, then we spray a no rinse foaming evaporator cleaner and disinfectant on to both sides of the coil.

How we clean condenser coils:

HVAC Outdoor Condenser Coil Cleaning Services in Fairfax VA
  • Turn off AC.
  • Remove top panel of condenser.
  • Start with using compressed air in the reverse direction of air flow.
  • Spray coil with water from inside out and then spray condenser coil cleaner on coil and let sit.
  • Rinse with hi powered spray to remove cleaner both inside and outside of coil.

Quote Process

Obtaining a quote from our duct cleaning company is a simple process. Here’s how it works:

Types of Businesses We Serve

Crystal Clean Duct Service LLC serves a wide range of commercial properties. Some common examples are listed below:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Condos
  • Assisted living units
  • Child care facilities
  • Dry cleaners
  • Retail Stores
  • Military Bases
  • Banks
  • Firehouses
  • Gym
  • Hair salons
  • Hospitals & Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Churches
  • Laundromats
  • University dormitories
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Government buildings
  • Automotive dealerships
  • And More!

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Breathe easier with a professional air duct cleaning from Crystal Clean Duct Service LLC. Call (571) 364-6588 or request a free quote now. We serve clients throughout Northern Virginia including Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Fauquier County, and Prince William County. Our team often works in the surrounding areas such as Chantilly, Sterling, Warrenton, Haymarket, Leesburg, and many other area towns and cities. See our who we are and FAQ pages for more information about us.


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